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Shop online with and all of your online purchases can benefit the shul…at no cost to you! Also, begin all of your Google searches at, and the shul will receive a commission for every search.

Help us supplement our funding in this innovative way by taking advantage of this easy, safe, no-cost program. Shaare Torah will receive a commission from online retailers every time you, your friends, family, or co-workers make your online purchases through our site.

How it works:

In your browser, go to: and you will see a page containing links to over 500 online stores. When you make a purchase or conduct an internet search through this page, we will receive a commission from your sale or transaction.

Rather than going directly to the retailer’s website, you should start your shopping experience at our site. Upon clicking on your retailer of choice, your shopping experience continues as normal while raising money for Shaare Torah.


What if I can’t find my store?

Many popular online stores are included in, but it is possible that the store you are looking for hasn’t been included in the program yet. The program is always expanding and adding new stores. In the search box at the top of the page, type in the name of the store. If it isn’t listed, it might be one of the stores that hasn’t yet been added to the program.

How much will Shaare Torah earn?

Shaare Torah earns money on every purchase made through the program. Some stores pay a percentage of the sale, while others pay a flat fee. The more purchases made, the more money Shaare Torah earns.

Here is an example of some of the possible commissions earned:

Store Sample Commission Rate* 2% – 5%
American Express $20 – $100
Circuit City 1.5%
Comcast $20-$40
eBay 25%
iTunes 2.5%
Orbitz $2
Target 3.5%
Snapfish 4%, $6.50
Verizon Wireless $17.50
Vonage $15+ 6%
* Commission rates are subject to change. Some stores offer varying commissions per product or higher payouts for reaching sales levels.

For Google searches:

# of supporters Searches / Day Avg. Commission / Search Est. Earnings / Year
100 3 $0.01 $1,095
1,000 3 $0.01 $10,950
10,000 3 $0.01 $109,500

Is the site private, safe, and secure?

All of the sales generated through the website are only generated there. All of the credit card, payment and billing information are all handled by the respective stores, just as before. The site does not handle or save any personal information. All sales generated are completely anonymous and are limited to the knowledge of you (the shopper) and the retailer.

Checkout and order processing are handled by the respective stores – just as they would be if you went directly to the retailer’s site.


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