Shaare Torah has a daily minyan for shacharit and mincha/maariv. On Shabbat, we have a 7:15 am hashkama minyan downstairs in the beit midrash and an 8:50 AM minyan in the main sanctuary. Youth activities and child care are provided from 9 am (“Groups B4 Groups” begins at 9 AM, youth groups begin at 10am) until the end of the main minyan on Shabbat. Shabbat afternoons there is a community seudah shlishit between mincha and maariv.

Shaare Torah also hosts a monthly Shabbat-morning Sephardi minyan in the beit midrash at 9:15 AM. This minyan is held every Shabbat Mevorchim unless Rosh Chodesh for a given month falls on Shabbat, in which case it is held on that Shabbat/Rosh Chodesh itself.

Minyan Times

For the most up-to-date davening times, and for holiday schedules, please see the weekly bulletin.


Mondays, Thursdays 6:35am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 6:50am

Saturday 7:15am and 8:50am

Sunday 7:50am

Rosh Chodesh 6:25am


Approximately 15 minutes before shkiah.

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