Shaare Torah has a beautiful facility with spaces ideally suited to the needs of the congregation. The main sanctuary was renovated in 2006 to take full advantage of the space and to showcase the unique stained-glass windows. The sanctuary is fully accessible through the back (upstairs) doors of the synagogue.

Upstairs we also have rooms for our youth programs, the award-winning Mommy and Me room for mothers and young children, and ample room to greet friends outside of the sanctuary.

Downstairs is our small beit midrash. The new lights and ongoing improvements make this an excellent space for our daily davening and learning. Our social hall has ample room to host any simcha, and kitchen facilities to accommodate a small kiddush or an elaborate meal.

The Shaare Torah cemetery, located in Allegheny County, offers full funeral services.

For information on our facilities, or to schedule an event, please contact the Shaare Torah office or Rabbi Wasserman.

The award-winning Mommy and Me room provides a private, tranquil space for infant care and breastfeeding.

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