Shaare Torah is a vibrant Orthodox synagogue committed to providing with a warm and engaging spiritual home. Serving the ritual and communal needs of our members, we are a diverse and active congregation ┬ádevoted to observant Judaism, the State of Israel, and community engagement. Shaare Torah welcomes the challenges of modern life and seeks to meet those challenges. Our halls are filled with the sounds of enthusiastic Torah learning, focused and heartfelt prayer, children’s laughter and eager questions, and lively conversations. Shaare Torah provides a community and venue for learning, spiritual growth, performance of mitzvot, and acts of chesed for Jews of all ages.

Shaare Torah sees to the needs of its members, friends, and welcomed visitors by celebrating with them during their simchas and standing by them in times of hardship. Every member is valued and every member plays an essential part in the communal life of the congregation and the continuation of the Jewish people. We invite you to join us and experience all that Shaare Torah has to offer.

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